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Answering the Call for Quality, Low-Priced Steel Homes is proudly brought to you by Budget Home Kits™, America’s #1 Choice in DIY Steel Home Kits. Whether this is the first time you’ve stumbled upon steel homes or if you’re completely in the know, our purpose of sharing this mini site is to ensure that you can extract value from the info we provide. If you have any questions at all or simply need more info, just reach out to us here.

As you’ll see, our core focus is saving. Eliminate waste, cut down on labor, reduce energy costs, and save money every step along the way as you build out the exterior of your new home so that you can splurge on the interior. We’ve actively responded to the loud and clear call for quality homes that don’t break the bank.

Functional, Smart-Saver Design. When Less Is More.

Some steel homes you’ll see use excessive quantities of steel and build with the old school I-beam approach, found in bulky commercial metal buildings. Other custom steel home builders inflate their prices due to ornate, superfluous designs that lead to anything but savings. NOT the case with Budget.

Instead, we’ve innovated a sleek and simple design that’s beautiful, functional, and affordable all at the same time. Budget’s Smart-Saver design, in tandem with steel cut to tight tolerances, drastically eliminates waste and cuts down on labor costs. The home pictured here is the popular MacArthur Standard Home Kit with a floor plan of 2,000 sq ft. MSRP is $0000, Budget Price =

Easy to Assemble. Finished in 10 Clearly Defined Phases.

Another downside of bulky, I-beam styles of steel home construction is that you’ll have to operate cranes and other heavy machinery to assemble your home. And if you can’t or don’t care to do it, you’ll need to find and hire a specialized steel erection crew to help you. NOT the case with Budget.

Every Budget home kit uses steel, red iron framing and comes with a total package of materials and list of essential tools. You’ll follow each step within the 10 Phases of Steel Home Assembly. Have no worries about huge machinery or looking for general contractors. Overall, our whole process is geared towards saving you heaps of time and money.

Cozy & Efficient 1,440 sq ft or Smaller. Get Only What You Need.

Select from our line of floor plans in the Lakeside and Midwest Series of standard home kits to match your needs, nothing more. These floor plans are ideal for small guest homes, first time buyers aiming to save, or ranch houses tucked deep in the woods areas or out in the hilly countryside.

Irrespective of how you use your steel home, realize that it’s no issue at all to add on a porch, move around doors or windows in the floor plan, or make any other tweaks. And, you can still keep well within budget.

Large & Luxurious Up to 3,024 sq ft. Go All Out With Your Interior.

If you’re planning to build a second home on the big lot you just purchased, have a happy growing family that requires more space, or seeking a large house with cavernous rooms, the Family and Estate Series includes floor plans all the way up to 3,024 sq ft. This photo is of the gorgeous new kitchen in the Anchorage, an Estate Series home.

When you save so much on the exterior of your home, it allows for considerable room in your budget to splurge on the interior. Because each steel home is clearspan, you’ll have absolutely no worries about design limitations on the interior…there simply aren’t any.

100% Online Support. With Web-Based Home Planning Tools.

Unlike other companies that call metal buildings “steel homes,” Budget home kits were designed as homes right from the get-go. And, as you know, they’re 100% DIY ready. But just in case you’re not the consummate do-it-yourself type, we offer first class online support and tools to help you.

Budget’s complete 10 Phase Method of DIY Steel Home Assembly is 100% online, in a mobile compliant format which means that you can access it 24/7 right from your phone. Customers also get VIP Support from Budget Certified Staff along with a collection of exterior and interior web-based tools to help plan out your home so that no stone is left unturned.

Price List Shown Up Front. Find Overstocks As Low as $20k.

In addition to Standard steel homes, which yield 20 – 30% savings on average, Budget also has a limited supply of Overstocks. An Overstock is a brand new, undelivered steel home kit acquired from Genesis Steel Homes®. Budget customers pay ONLY the Overstock prices listed up front. Absolutely NO hidden fees.

Overstocks can be as low as $20k for a total package, and customers average 40-60% savings for the entire exterior. We’ve made it a point to ensure that you can see open and direct prices at the outset…primarily because we are very confident that any of our competitors in the U.S. simply cannot match the kind of value we’re offering in the total package at such low, rock-bottom prices.

Budget Saver Shipping Specials. Reduce Costs Even Further.

As expected, you’ve paid a fabrication deposit for your new steel home. But then you find out about forking over even more with high shipping fees. Don’t like that? Neither do we. That’s why Budget offers specials in the form of Half-Price Shipping on Overstocks and FREE Shipping on all Standard Home Kits.

In summary, you’ll save 20 – 60% on the home kit itself, and then we reduce your costs even further with shipping specials. Steel home kits range from 4 to 10 ton loads and shipping typically falls within the range of several thousand dollars. We want you to keep that money, be happy, and spread the word to your family and friends about Budget Home Kits :)

Reach Out to Our Team for More Info. Talk to Steel Home Specialists.

With over two decades of experience, and a team of professional staff members who will offer you a warm welcome and quality advice, we invite you to let us know a bit about how we can help you. Take a few seconds to fill out this form and we’ll get in touch with you to discuss all your options and send you a flyover doc with more detailed info about the materials included in each kit, floor plan resources, and what you can expect each step along the way.